Anniversary Hand Made Photo Book

Hubby and I celebrated our tenth wedding anniversary this year. I love this man more than anything and although he is a private man who doesn't enjoy the limelight, I need to take a moment to say how much he means to me.

Fifteen years ago I met a man and we fell hard. He was someone who I could see in my life forever. We laughed and grew as people and a couple. As you could imagine, after fifteen years and four children, it hasn't always been cupcakes and rainbows but he is still the most amazing man today as he was all those years ago. 

Through all my bad days and the good ones too, he has built me up, held my hand and supported my every decision. We may not be the same couple we were back then, but my love and respect for this man is still true, if not more. 

I love to watch him with the kids and see him light up with delight as they do something new or make him laugh. I love to see him when he is ambitious and determined. Some days I might want to strangle him, but the thought of not sharing the ten years and more with him saddens me. 

We have created such an amazing life, and you make each day worth it. I love you more than I ever imagined I could and look forward to see what the future holds for us.

My gift to him was a handmade photo book. It was extremely simple to create and I feel it has more sentimentality then a store made book, even though it might not be as visually appealing!


I rummaged and found all our old photo's and started to create the TEN HIGHLIGHTS OVER TEN YEARS. After choosing my TEN pics, I went about cutting my book to size. As you can see, I went for something a little recycled


The book itself is made from paper bags we have collected from shopping at Typo and Quiksilver. These bags were the best as they were thicker and a little more sturdy then some other paper bags I had. Plus I liked the print the typo bags, adding some texture to the pages.


After that, I cut the pages and glued them together to create a book and the rest was up to my creative genius side! I had plenty of ribbon, washi tape, stickers and stamps to bring the images and pages to life. Each page had a photo and a memory from our time together so far. 


As the anniversary gift was tin for ten years, I wrapped his present in an old after dinner mint tin I had. I know it sounds a bit cheap, but the whole thing was just a little more personal. 


To finish up, I made a mixtape! Not an actual cassette tape, but a mixtape USB! It was pretty cool and very easy to make! I chose all the songs that reminded me of him or our time together, along with some voice recordings and created a playlist in iTunes! Then I exported the playlist to my USB and Bobs your uncle! 

All this wrapped in the tin was an inexpensive, but thoughtful and loving gift that I really enjoyed putting together and I hope hubby loved it to xx


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