Sea-change versus Tree-change

There comes a time in your life when you have to say fuck it, pack your bags and mosey along. This time is fast approaching for me. It is time to move out of suburbia and find a slower pased, less hectic lifestyle. We need to make a sea-change or a tree-change. 

This has been an ongoing debate in our house for many years. We all want to leave the mighty burbs. A few years back, we bought a block up in the sticks and ever since I have had buyers remorse. I don't want to live in the bush, if we are moving away I'd rather be by the sea! 

Hubby doesn't love the beach, hates sand, so he prefers the idea of the bush, something a little more rural. 

I want nothing more than our kids to grow up in the sand, surfing in the mornings, picnics on warm sunny days. A lifestyle we kind of have here, just not to the extreme beauty we have along the Victorian coast. 


Could my lifelong dream of living up the coast actually be coming true? Could I fulfil my ambitions of minimising our stress and living more simple? I'm so amazingly anxious to start a new chapter, pick up and start fresh. 

I'll keep you posted as we search the interwebs for our new sand castle!! 


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