Thank You For Your Pateince

Yes after a good three months away from the blog I am back! Oh baby, it's good to be back!
I had to take a little break, as you might remember from my last post, I have been dealing with some demons of my own. I was and still am, struggling with some personal issues. Somethings you never really get over, you just learn to deal with them. And so, the journey back to a better me comes.
Thank you everyone for you patience. I had to take that time to see where I was at, refocus and define what I wanted from my blog. I believe it wasn't fair to you, my readers and to the sponsors of the blog who share their events and product if I wasn't able to do everything that they needed.
As I return to writing again, I honestly will use this blog as my platform to share. I need that. As well, I will continue to share family friendly events and places as well as all the goodies we love.
Again, thank you for your patience and I hope that you enjoy what I have to give in 2016!


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