90's Faux Pas

I have been looking at some old photo's of me of late. Mikayla asked about the dog I had when I was younger and I pulled out the old albums to show her!

Oh my.

There should be a ban on all photo's from that era! There were five things that I have decided that need to stay in the 80's or 90's.

  1. Happy pants — remember them? Don't act like you didn't have a pair! Everyone did! MC Hammer is the man to blame for happy pants, I will never forgive and forget.
  2. Cross Colours. Yes, I admit I owned a pair of mustard Cross Colours.
  3. Adidas puffy jackets. Oh my god. Everyone had one of those in the mid-late 90's.Do you remember the sort? The ones that made skinny people look huge and huge people look terrifying? Yeah, they were a serious fashion faux pas!
  4. The Beret - I remember in the early 90's, Wet Paint and Hot Tuna released a line of beret's that were a hit for about six months, before we all started looking at each other saying what the??? Sadly I owned a beret. Shoot me! 
  5. Lastly ... I owned a pair of Tencel Jeans. I could kill my mother. I'm guessing she bought me those pants as a form of punishment for something I was going to do in the future. They were a lightweight jean that were far from funky. They were a fad for a while and scarily I think they are making a comeback! Please don't ... actually, maybe I could buy Mikayla some ...

So they are my memories from the early days! There are many more, like Tie Die shirts, Hypo-colour, the knitted-by-your-granny jumpers, stirrups (remember them? The pants with the elastic that went under your foot?), leg warmers and so many more!

Your turn now! Tell me what your fashion faux pas are from the 80's and 90's! Did you wear Punky Brewster shoe laces too? Maybe a Blossom hat? Please share!!

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