All over for another year!

Miss 9 had her ballet themed birthday party yesterday! I was surrounded by pink table cloths and plates and crepe paper and food! But now it is all over for another year! All the kids laughed and played so there is a comfort knowing they had a good time! I was so proud of my little girl! She wrapped all the prizes, set the table, designed the cake and even was the model we traced for the pin the tutu on the ballerina game! She has so much creation and fun doing things like this! I love watching her in her element!

My bestie/SIL made the most divine cake, well actually it was a meringue tower made from little meringues stuck to a cone to create the tower effect, decorated in pink roses! Absolutely amazing!

I honestly cannot thank her enough for the amazing effort she puts in! She really made her day!

So after a week of nonstop planning and making and shopping, it all came together to be a great couple of hours that she hasn't stopped thanking me since!

Well to my big 9 year old girl, I love you more and more everyday, so something like a birthday party is my way of saying to you, thank you for being such an amazing person and I am so very lucky to call you mine xxx

Thanks ... MCM xxx


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