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Howdy all!
So here we are again! Another week and what a crazy one this week will be! It's Miss 8's birthday tomorrow and I am thoroughly looking forward to it!!! I love birthdays and making my girls feel special and spoiling them in ways that don't have to cost the earth! Pancakes for breakfast, then a bit of cooking, picnic lunch, then MIL's for dinner! Should be a great day!
Then there is the school disco on Thursday night, Miss 8's friend is sleeping over on Friday, and her ballet party on Saturday! Then to make this week the best ever ... I have one of my besties Hen's Night on Saturday night!!!
Now isn't that turning out to be a dilemma! I have to clean up, kick the kids out, get dressed and be in the city by 6 ... Can it be done? Of course it can!! I'm super mum remember!! Lol!
But as a 30 year old, mum of three, I'm so freakin out of touch!!! Ive been struggling to find something suitable to wear! I didn't want to be in nightclub wear because we are doing dinner first, but I didn't want to be too under dressed either!!! Ahh, I'm so old now!! Is it just me or is everything out there strapless and skimpy?!? And if it's not, then I might as well be wearing my mothers flannelette sheet!! 😞 it has been a little depressing ... Until ...

She appeared on my Facebook timeline and I was in love instantly!! Little Party Dress is an online store that I've followed for sometime now and they have the cutest dresses and links to the best shoes and accessories!! So as I was in one of those 'bugger it, just do it' moods the other day, I did just that! I bought it!!! and surprisingly enough it was here the NEXT DAY!!! Oh, it's gorgeous! I love it!! I won't be eating much at dinner though!!
Not quite sure if it is hens night material though! I'm starting to get buyers remorse!! Not sure if it will suit, but you know what, I'm just that over it, I don't care anymore!!! Lol! As hubby says, just wear the bloody thing and enjoy it!! So I will ...But I'm looking forward to getting my groove on! Ooo ... We are going to dance the night away, we'll be like something out of flashdance!!! Either that I we'll be passed out in the corner somewhere!! Could go either way!
But I must say a big happy 9th birthday to my eldest, spunkiest and most delightful daughter of them all! I love you sugar, you mean everything to me and I hope you have a wonderful day!! See you when the sun comes up!! Mwa!


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