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Blinky Bill started as a classic children's book series back in the 1930's. And has never been out of print in Australia either. It then went on to become a feature film in 1992 when Blinky Bill: The Mischievous Koala was released, not only here but world wide. I myself remember going to see this one with my nan! Throughout the 90's Blinky Bill was aired on ABC and still now will show up on their rotation. Blinky Bill: The Mischievous Koala was created into a TV series and aired in the US and over 80 other countries too. Still to this day, it will rate as one of the top 20 children's tv programs.

More recently, Blinky reappeared on our Big Screens with the release of Blinky Bill the Movie completing the comeback of the TV pheromone. This was a perfect lead up to the new and upcoming TV series that is due to hit our screens later this year on 7TWO.

Months after his release from the jungle comedian Akmal Saleh will heading to the outback – joining the voice cast of the new Blinky Bill TV series “The Wild Adventures of Blinky Bill” as Blinky’s best friend, Jacko the frill-necked lizard. 

Set a few years after the feature filmthe television series sees a slightly older Blinky (voiced by Cam  Ralph) taking on the role as defender of his outback home with his best friend, the wise-cracking  and loveable Jacko (voiced by Akmal Saleh).  Armed with a knack for mischief and an unstoppable imagination, Blinky and Jacko take on the outback, turning even the simplest challenges into epic adventures.

Akmal is one of Australia’s most respected and accomplished comedians. His list of credits include movies, stand-up, TV appearances, radio DJ, talk show host and he is a published author. He has appeared at festivals all around the world, including Adelaide Fringe Comedy Festival, Melbourne Comedy Festival, Montreal ‘Just For Laughs’ Festival, Vancouver Comedy Festival, New Zealand Comedy Festival, Sydney Comedy Festival and the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

Produced by Sydney-based Flying Bark Productions, the CGI animated TV series is the latest incarnation of the iconic Aussie character following on from last year’s box office success, Blinky Bill the Movie.

I'm excited to see this iconic Australian figure back on our screens! I hope you do too! Keep an eye out on 7TWO!


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