Day 10 - Most embarrassing moment ...

Ok, so today's prompt in the challenge is to share the most embarrassing moment ... I would now like to change the content in the what makes you uncomfortable post!

So I'm not one to share too much about me, I like to tell you all about the funny things the girls or hubby do but not me! I am finding this one a little hard to write. So here's the most embarrassing moment in my life!

Alright, picture this. I'm twenty one years old, I've given birth for the first time and am completely in love with my daughter. We have spent the first three days in hospital learning and loving with each other!

The hospital sends us on our way and we make the drive home. Nerves fill me as we wind through roundabouts and stop for lights, checking that she is safe constantly.

We arrive home and hubby walks in first with our bundle, he stands back to let me in our home and the house is not only spotless, it is filled with flowers and gifts from the hospital. The benches are covered, the front room is filled with the gifts and I couldn't control what was to follow.

The tears began and I hear hubby sigh, I try to stop, but where do the unwept tears go when they aren't set free? That's right, the other end ... Oh my I knew my bladder would need some work, but I was so embarrassed that I cried harder!!!

Please keep this story between us, it's a moment I'd like to forget ;)

Thanks ... MCM xxx


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