The Little Fairy Door ...

Wow, this is a must have for any little girls room! I spotted this one a little while ago and thought 'oh that's cute' but I couldn't remember what site it was on! Well lone and behold it crossed my path again this morning!

So head on over to Bambini Pronto and secure yourself one of these! They are $39.99 and stand at 20cm tall. Each door is hand painted and comes in a variety of colours.

The footprint stencil is sold separately for $7.99, and you can use anything from snow in a can to glitter to create them.

The warning that accompanies this product is that the fairies will use this door once it is put in place, but they usually only come at night! And only fairies no how to open it, so no sneaky peaks!

Happy Shopping Peeps! MCM xxx


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