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As a mother of three, 2 of which are still at home with me, you find it hard to do the simplest things. For instance, I can't remember the last time I went to the toilet alone!! So how do we all do it? How do you juggle friends, family, shopping, me time, in amongst all school runs and housework and activities?
I'm lucky enough to have a mother in law who is an angel sent from above! Whenever hubby and I need a time out, she's there! But she works full time, as does my husband and father in law, and sadly my parents aren't involved in our lives anymore, so I've always struggled through the day with little or no help! And survived it surly enough :)
I am nearing the big 3 0 soon and I have realized that I'm no spring chicken anymore!! I was inactive, I ate terribly and had no routine in my life. I just ended up doing what I had to when I had to!! But as apart of my New Years resolution, I have started turning my life around! I've been doing the 10 year review, and 10 years ago I was 19, weighed in at about 48kg (prior to falling pregnant with my eldest) and was high on life! I know a lot has changed and everyone changes as we get older, but do we have too? Or is this the excuse we make for ourselves? So here are my MCM tips for restructuring your life ...
This is something that I have been saying I'll do but never actually did it! We've all said, I'm going to join the gym or walk more, but do we ever do it? Well my excuse has always been it's too hard with the kids, but really it was only ever an excuse. My daughters are aged 8, 3 and 8 months and they come with me! I found a local personal trainer after placing an inquiry on a Facebook page for our area, and with the massive response I received I was able to get a great deal!! With private trainers there are no contracts and no hidden fees either, so you pay as you go and have the convenience of knowing your costs up front!
This is my biggest fault, I find that everyday I get up and do only what I have to. This leads to trouble and has for many, many years! But some strange reason I soldier on with no clue. So this has been my main focus for improvement this year! I haven't created a chart so I know every movement for everyday, because in my eyes that really isn't practically. Instead I have set tasks for each day. Again, these aren't written on a poster and stuck to every wall in the house, mine are purely in my head, only because this is what works for me. For example;
- Washing
- Vacuuming/mopping
- Sheet changing
- Data entry for hubby
- Dancing
- Ironing
- Food shopping. etc
And this continues for the week. I leave Fridays as my day so I can do anything I want like a play date or a lazy day and all the housework is done, so when the weekend comes its family time to play and have fun!! But most important rule is, don't feel like your list is the be all and end all, things pop up like family dinners or surprise visits, so if the chores don't get done, sadly, they'll still be there later or tomorrow!! I know that may not sound structured, but it works so well for me and all our jobs get done!
This is an important one for me, as we have a history of high cholesterol on my dads side and stroke on my mums, so I push for healthy eating in our house. Again that doesn't mean that we only eat things that grow out of the ground, my kids just know about balance! Even at 3, my daughter can say I've already had some lollies, I'll have fruit or yoghurt!
It's surprising the difference you notice when you balance your life! We have a very busy lifestyle, between hubby's business and three kids, there is always plenty to do, but sometimes you really need to step back and make sure that you are spreading yourself around evenly, including time for yourself. I sat down with my 8 year old late last year and asked her of there was something that I could change what would it be and her response was, stop cleaning and play with me! So I guess I wasn't sharing myself very well!! When I sat back and thought about it, I realized that I have all day to clean up or do my thing, then when she gets home she just wants a bit of mum time!!
In conclusion, I found you can't have one area working and not the other, be active and healthy gives you the energy you require, being organized frees up your time and balancing keeps everyone happy, and I know when those around me are happy, then I'm happy :) most of the time!!
If you know of any great ways to keep your family going then please share or email me so I can include them in the blog!!
- keep on smiling :)


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